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Mark Cuban – the final keynote at Blog World Expo

November 11th, 2007

Mark Cuban gave the final comments at Blog World Expo. By this time I was pretty tired of writing and Mark is very fun to listen to. So I took no notes. In fact, I’m on the plane ride home now. He did make an interesting comment about Dancing With the Stars. He basically admitted that he did not work that hard on his dancing. Instead, he tried to work harder on getting votes. It worked for a while. There were a lot of people there live-blogging his entire speech and Q & A. So I’m sure you can read the whole thing online if you do a little searching. He is a very fascinating person and enjoyable to listen to. I think I may start reading his blog.


POSTSCRIPT:  Most of the presentation is available via Google Video.  It’s a little long, but very entertaining…