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Audio vs Video online

November 9th, 2007

There was a nice session this afternoon which talked about the differences between podcasting and video online.

These can be fairly long. They can start at 20 minutes and go even longer.
People listen to these very differently than the radio.
They can start and stop the program at any time.
They choose to listen or not.
The more specialized your content is, the better. Go for the niche audience.
The more focused you are on your audience, the more they will listen.
Generally, casual and candid tone works best.

Video Online
Short clips work best. Five to six minutes works best.
Online video is completely different from tv.
Viewers don’t want to sit back, relax, and watch.
They want quick and focused or they will leave.
Non-fiction works best and gets the most attention.
Take your time, plan your content, break up large subjects into small clips.
Organized your clips into a longer program later. Perhaps offer it on a CD?
Keep your content very simple and effective.
If you create repeat programs, use a format. Consistence = Professionalism