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Leo LaPorte – The future of New Media Publishing Tools

November 9th, 2007

The first session this morning is an opening keynote from Leo LaPorte. You can see who Leo is by putting the name into Google. He has a ton of different radio shows and “This Week in Technology” tv show/podcast. He is also often on other tv shows such as Regis and Kelly.

He started off with explaining that there are more and more “non-geeks” here at the show. It used to just be geeks that attended these shows. Now there are more and more “normal people” here.

The term “New Media” refers to all media that uses the Internet. (Nice clarification.)

He primarily used audio as a podcaster. He does not like the word “podcaster”. Distributing audio is still strong and changing. He started as a radio dj and has done tv. Since 1991 he has been talking about technology exclusively. He came from mainstream media but talks about new media.

Old Media:
You needed a lot of money or to be hired by someone with money.
It was typically one person talking to many.
The audience could not talk back.
They were regarded as the authority (New York Times, NBC, etc)

New Media:
Practically anyone can do it.
It’s practically free.
The audience can talk back.
It’s worldwide.
If you are wrong, you will be caught.
It’s all about the conversation, not a speech.

What you should do:
Don’t try to use the old model on the new medium.
Don’t just try to do TV shows or radio shows online.
Do things that are interactive. Let the audience talk back!

Why should a person move beyond just blogging and move into Audio and Video on the web?
Look at the differences…
Writing is a great way to structure your ideas and formulate your thoughts.
Video is very “monkey-mind”. It tends to not be as intelligent.
Most successful TV is not intelligent, but emotional.
The more emotional your video, the more popular it will be.
Video is really good for your “money-brain” or non-intelligent stuff.
Audio is very personal. You are talking right into someone’s ear.
When you are doing audio, it is very into concepts and abstract ideas.

It is ideal to do all three mediums.
Blog comments are the most intelligent.
Take a look at YouTube comments! Monkey-mind!
When you read a book, the author tends to take the back seat.
In podcasting and audio, the personality comes to the forefront.
Video is the greatest medium for creating a celebrity. You put a face with the name.
Audio is more about creating a connection with the person himself.
If you want to promote who you are, do a little video on your blog.
Try checking out ustream tv. It allows you to do that very easy.

Podcasting is in the “sophomore slump”. It has not exploded.
The number of people listening is pretty much flattened out.
To make it more successful, it needs to grow up again.
If bloggers did more audio and video on their site, it would be more accessible.
We need to grow the audience. Audio and Video on the web is so great!

He talked at length next about the long tail of all networks…
There are long tails in every industry.
If you have information on a specific topic, you should not aim to be on CNN.
You should aim to be linked up with the other people talking about your topic.
Each of us has our own network and connectors. To be successful, make the connections.
Draw people from other related hubs into your hub.
Create dialogue, not monologue.

All of us are content creators. It’s not the medium, it’s all part of the media.
The future is bright. The old media is dying.
In 20 years, the idea of someone standing in front of you and talking to everyone without talking back is going to seem very strange.
There is no benefit to people telling ideas without letting them talk about.
Telling stories (like movies) for entertainment will continue to be one-directional. But not ideas.

Great stuff!

I think I’ll start listening to his podcast!