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Write in a blog? Make it a book!

November 8th, 2007

Here at Blog World Expo, there were a few vendors that are taking a concept and turning it a little differently.

So you want to write is by Ann McIndoo. She is a writing coach. She has helped over 100 authors write books. She offers coaching and a 3-day event which will lead to a manuscript. She has several offerings to assist writers. I’ll be sure to check this out a little more when I get home.

Shared Book is different. One of their offerings is “reverse publishing”. The idea is that you can write in your blog and/or select online content that is available to you. They will then turn it into a physical book. Interesting idea. Very unique.

Blurb offers bookstore-quality books as well. Theirs seem to be a little nicer quality. They also have their own software that you download and use. It looks great! If you have good content on a blog, I would highly recommend doing this.