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Want to start an online talk show?

November 8th, 2007

Another interesting vendor at Blog World Expo today is TalkShoe.

If you want to have an automatic method for creating a podcast with participants, this seems to be a very easy way to do so. You host the event and people can call in. You decide who is allowed to talk. When done, you can post it to your site. Very cool.

Of course, for a high-quality podcast, everyone admits that you should use a professional mic. That’s the key. So that may be tricky. TalkShoe is all done over the phone, so the quality may not be ideal. They do have a way of handling that, but it would be a little complicated.

In fact, I’m finding out while at this conference that creating a decent quality sounding podcast is not easy. I may just start with TalkShoe.com and start a more “official” podcast later. The nice thing about TalkShoe is that I can involve others. In fact, as many as I want. Perhaps I can start an online conversation among local Charlotte Web developers.