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How to build your home own recording studio

November 8th, 2007

This is the first actual session that I attended. It was right after the opening keynote interview.

I’ve been very tempted to start adding little video clips to my blog from time to time and don’t want them to look too cheesy. I’d also like to someday start my own podcast, but it probably won’t happen until 2008. So I could use this information.

The panelists recommending referring to http://www.podcastgearguy.com/index.php/podcast-kits to see the basics of what a person could use.

Picking a mic is the most important factor when creating your studio, not the camera. Camera technology changes constantly. A good mic is a good mic. It will last a long time and not go out of date.

If you are only using the mic on your computer, start out for podcasting with a USB mic. There are a wide variety of USB mics. Try the Road Podcaster (from Australia). It sounds as good as more expensive microphones. It will cost about $200 for a decent one.

If you are hoping to use your mic away from your computer, try using a SM58 (http://www.bswusa.com/proditem.asp?item=SM58LC). To use this on your computer, use a Centrance MICPORTPRO (http://www.bswusa.com/proditem.asp?item=MICPORTPRO).

For a more expensive mic, a lot of high end radio guys use the Shure SM7B (see http://www.bswusa.com/proditem.asp?item=SM7B). These are directional mics. (Too expensive for me.)

For video, the panel recommends the Panassonic HDC-SD1 ACHD 3CCD Flash Memory High Definition Camcorder with stabilized zoom. ( http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000LO92EK/ref=nosim/?tag=dealtime-ce-feed-20&creative=380333&creativeASIN=B000LO92EK&linkCode=asn) It costs about $1,000
It records to a SDHC card. 4 gig gets you about 45 minutes. It will record at 1080i and bring it into iMovie into 960 x 540 progressive. When using these cameras, be sure to use a professional mic (like the SM58 listed above). When doing so outside the office, use XLF-BP Basic which is a $150 mixer (which is portable).

IMovie08 is great for putting together a quick videocast. (Free with MAC.)

For lighting, try lights from wwww.lowelego.com. These are inexpensive and can be very effective for a simple setup.

OK, so the bottom line on this session was that these guys really know their stuff. They are very intelligent in their fields. Unfortunately, most everyone in the room was very amateur and we were hoping for some inexpensive and low-tech discussion. The guys went WAY, WAY, too deep. Most everyone in the room (except for the few guys in the room that know this stuff) was totally confused and lost.

I think I’ll just review that link that was listed at the beginning of this post. Unfortunately, this was a session I was really looking forward to and it fell very short of what most of us in the room were wanting.