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Matt Cutts mentioned my client

October 30th, 2006

The story starts like this…

About six months ago I attended PubCon at Boston.  There was a session (as always) for site reviews for search engine optimization.  This session is usually a big hit and the room was packed.  You can see the details of it here.  Matt Cutts (famous Google employee and blogger) was on the panel.  So was Tim Mayer (Director of Product Management at Yahoo) and Bruce Clay.

I put up my new client (Cherokee NC) just for fun.  In the conference, Matt specifically mentioned that he has family down this way.  He was therefore familiar with the Cherokee NC indians and wanted to know if this was the “official site” for them.  It is.  He then stated that “Google wants to rank this site”.  He recommended that we put more text and text links on the site, and not just flash all over the place.

Of course, I agreed. 

However, I am not the one designing the site.  These are comments I pass on to the agency building the site.  They take some of my advice and ignore (or forget) some advice.  I guess that’s the nature of being a consultant.

I have been working with the agency to enhance the site by adding text, adjusting title tags, and adding paid search.  They are quite fond of their graphics and flash on the site.

Getting back to the point…

A colleague of mine that is a Canadian Internet marketing consultant messaged me today to let me know that Matt Cutts mentioned my client’s site again on an Internet eMarketing Talk Show.   (He mentions Cherokee right around 6:30 into it.)

Unfortunately, he was not quoting us as a good example, but of a site that has almost all the navigation exclusively in flash.  He recommended in the show that sites offer “alternate navigation”, perhaps at the bottom of the page.

The good thing is that although this is something that I have spoken with the agency about before, I now have a little more ammunition.

Thanks Matt!