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Updates on me, including Clean Healthy Living (Shower Liners)

February 27th, 2017

Wow. It’s been over a year since I’ve posted to this blog. I miss the good old days when everyone was blogging and I used this site constantly in an effort to keep in touch with colleagues. These days Facebook and Instagram seem to have taken over and sadly, people just don’t blog like they used to, in my opinion.
So let’s give some updates, just in case anyone still reads this blog. Then, once again, I’ll make an attempt to get back into a pattern of regular blogging. But no promises!
So Hippo Internet Marketing and Hippo Inc is gone. The corporation itself is gone. The e-commerce business is gone. Instead, I’m focused on the business that Ryan and I created back in 2014 named Rhino Goods Inc.  That business has steadily grown, although not quite at the pace we wish at times.

As such, we’ve created a few brands on Amazon.  More recently, we’ve been investing our learning and time into moving these brands off Amazon.  For example, our Clean Healthy Living site now sells shower curtain liners, which is our best seller.  It started last month, but as I mentioned on (my newly developed) personal site, it really started selling during this month of February.

During 2017, I’ll be working on this brand as well as several others that we have planned.  More on those later.