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My Goals for 2016

January 1st, 2016

Welcome to 2016.  It’s time to set some good business goals for the year.  Here’s mine.

1. Double Down on Amazon

I’ve spent the last year and a half focusing on Amazon.  At one point during the year, I wondered if that was a mistake.  But more recently, I’ve realized that it’s the smartest thing I could have done as an Internet marketer and entrepreneur.  Amazon is where the money is.  If anything, I need to push it harder.  At the same time, I need to have a healthy amount of diversification so that I’m not too reliant on one source for income.

2. Teach, Learn, and Automate

This was another grand revelation to me in 2015.  The more self-examination I did, the more I realized that these are my true strengths.  It’s what I do best.  I now believe that the best entrepreneurs are not just the ones that manage finances and people well.  It is the ones that know how to identify what they are best at and intelligently outsource the rest.  For me, these three things are my sweet spot.

Put another way, if you combine points 1 and 2 above, that is where I need to be spending as much time as possible in 2016.

3. Win the War on Procrastination

I’ve been following Peter Shallard for a whole year now and am extremely grateful to my productivity coach Taylor Shaull.  If you are an entrepreneur and are not familiar with their program at Commit Action, you’re really missing out.  Procrastination in its various forms is the primary thing that stands between me and the success I need in 2016.  I believe that completely now and am determined to continue to work on it.

4. Build my Financial IQ

When I started my business in 2003, I knew absolutely nothing about money.  That sounds strange for a person that was 33 years old at the time, but it’s because I had spent my entire adult life at that point working full time as a volunteer.  I made practically nothing, yet needed nothing.  I have no regrets.  It was for a great cause and an experience I will cherish all my life.

However, it put me at a huge disadvantage.  Combined with some poor timing and circumstances outside my control, I now realize that I made some very poor decisions over the years.  Some of them (not all) could have been avoided by having what I’m calling a better Financial IQ.  This is not just a matter of monitoring my P&L, Balance Sheets, and other financial reporting.  It includes making good decisions on insurance, buying vs renting, investing, tax planning, and more.

One of my favorite sources for this type of learning specifically for entrepreneurs is Wealth Factory by Garrett Gundreson.

5. Embrace Mentorship

As you can see already from the above, I’m planning to lean heavily on learning and benefiting from some people I consider wise in very specific areas.  But this year, I want to not only learn from smart people, but to get very specific and personalized direction and guidance.  Besides the above listed sources, I’m actively pursuing some of the smartest people I know at making money on Amazon and hope to get not just training, but mentoring specific to my needs.

At the same time, I don’t just want to be a taker.  I’m almost done building Hippo Mentoring and will soon be mentoring others with what I know.  So this goal takes the 2nd goal listed earlier to the next level.  I don’t want to just teach and learn.  I want to mentor and be mentored.

Those are my primary goals for 2016.  What do you think?