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Internet Explorer 7.0 – Hold off for now?

October 23rd, 2006

There’s been quite a bit of talk on our local Google Group for Internet Marketers about the new IE 7.0.

It seems as if the new version is causing some problems.  Thankfully, we have not loaded it on our computers here at Hippo Internet Marketing.  As many are starting to complain.

Ty writes:

Don’t do it…………….
I just removed it, I DO NOT LIKE IT!!!  It made my screen and fonts
freak out, even after trying to adjust the settings.

Why can’t they just update the explorer functions instead of messign
with the computer settings!!

This is of course my opinion.

And Karen wrote:

I agree…I removed it also.  It slowed my computer way down and it
wasn’t as user-friendly as Mozilla.

Later, Ty noted that he was not able to work with Google AdWords after installing.  You can see Google’s response below…

Thank you for your email. I have spoken with our technical team about the issue that you are having and they have reported that users who have attempted to access the AdWords system using the beta version of Internet Explorer 7 have experienced some difficulties.

Please note that we will be waiting for an official launch for IE7 before any measures are taken to make everything compliant.

Our technical team has recommended that you attempt to utilize another browser when logging into your account as the problem seems to be centered on the browser you are attempting to use. They have recommended Firefox as a viable alternative. Additionally, you may need to try uninstalling the IE6 version you have and re-installing that version if possible.


Chris E.
The Google AdWords Team

Yikes!!  I think we will stay away for now.

Microsoft!  Get your act together!