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Which Search Engine should you use for Paid Search?

August 1st, 2007

There have been multiple reports lately on how Google is dominating the search landscape these days. 

Are we surprised?  Yes, a little!  Over the last several years, most online marketers would say that no one search engine will ever dominate.  For years, we have been stating that there’s room for several major players, much like television will always have multiple networks – NBC, CBS, ABC, and even FOX. 

However, lately Google is dominating.  There’s no doubt about it.  Official reports out of HitWise show their reach at about 65%.  Yet, for many of us that look at statistics on a regular basis, we know it may be much more, depending on the site.

Yesterday, SEL reported that when it comes to PPC, Google dominates the total spend and sales driven categories as well.

What does this mean to your PPC campaigns?  If you are starting out or if you are using PPC to find quality keywords, start with Google.  That’s where the volume is.  You may not get the best “Return on Investment”, but you will get better (and quicker) “Return on Information”.

Simply put, because they have more visitors and clicks, you can fail or succeed faster and move on.

Yet, once your campaign is running well and efficient, be sure to duplicate your efforts in MSN and Yahoo.  We even have a few effective Ask campaigns running.