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My 2014 Goals Report Card

December 31st, 2014

What good are goals if you don’t look back and see how you did?

To hold myself accountable to my goals for next year, I first am going back to my 2014 goals that I wrote on January 2 and see how I did.

1. Stay Focused, Stay Balanced:  A-
Overall, I stayed focused on my personal goals that are more important than my business or financial goals.  But I definitely could do better.  I still find myself thinking a lot about work when I should not be.

2. Train and Delegate: B+
Overall, people were not waiting on me too much.  I did a lot of training, but I don’t ever know if it could be enough.  I need to keep a good balance between learning and training others.

3. Blog More, A Lot More: A-
This is something I’ve been saying for years, but this year is the first time I’ve actually progressed and done more.  This is mostly due to some great techniques I have learned from Peter Shallard.

4. Build Google Authorship: C-
Because of the changed at Google, I pretty much gave up on this one part way through the year.  I’m glad I did.

5. Stay In Touch: A
In my original post on these goals, I felt I needed to do this via Twitter.  But part way through the year, after trying more than once, it became obvious that Twitter is not the best platform for me.  It’s just too much noise and too distracting.  However, I have joined several private Facebook Groups that are very specific to my needs and extremely helpful.  I have used these to the full.  No regrets.

6. Monitor Expenses Quarterly: C+
I did not do this.  I needed to.  I would give myself a failing grade except that I did monitor expenses on occasion.  But even more importantly, I set things up so I can do this much better and easier in 2015.  So progress was made.

I’m giving myself an A- because I did fairly well with the important ones.  But also because I really made a major shift from SEO to Amazon Marketing this year.  Put another way, I’m moving from being an online marketer to being more of an entrepreneur.  This happened during the year and was not reflected in the goals I made on January 2, 2014.