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How to Run an Amazon Business (FBA)

December 2nd, 2014

My business partner and I are about six months into running our Amazon business and it’s been an absolute blast learning so much about what it takes to find a product, private label it, send it to Amazon, market it, and collect the money from Amazon.  (My favorite part is that last one about collecting money.)

We’ve made a lot of progress and learned a lot along the way.  But we’ve also put some effort into outsourcing and even laying out the roles and responsibilities.  

The one thing we’ve definitely learned is that it works much better when you have a partner, colleagues, and coaches.  These not only train and assist, they hold you accountable.

Below is how we have split up responsibilities between us.  The terms “CEO”, etc are a little ambitious as there really is only two of us.  But even still, you’ll get the idea by seeing how we broke things up below.  The below is specifically for how to run a business that uses Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA).


Ownership & Management (CEO)

  1. Ownership & Corporate requirements
  2. Management (roles, tasks, vendors, employees, etc)


Financials (CFO)

  1. Accounting & Banking
  2. Payments
  3. Taxes


Product Selection and Prioritization (CMO)

  1. Build and keep initial list
  2. Prioritize based on demand and competition


Sourcing and Vendor Management (COO)

  1. Identify and secure manufacturers
  2. Packaging & Label Design
  3. Logistics & Shipping
  4. Improve COGS


Marketing and Advertising (CMO)

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Listing Creation (Images, Title, Bullets, Description)
  3. Monitor and Improve Rankings
  4. Amazon Ads
  5. Facebook Campaigns
  6. Coupon Sites
  7. Other Advertising (AdWords, etc)
  8. Branding, Websites, Social Media, etc


Inventory Management (COO)


Customer Service (COO)

  1. Manage customer communication
  2. Monitor and Improve product reviews & questions
  3. Monitor and Manage customer service metrics