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Why I’m Focused on Amazon Marketing

July 7th, 2014

I started a new business (with my business partner) that focuses on Amazon this year.  But I think I had different reasons than most others do.

Most people focus on Amazon because of the money and the appeal of working from anywhere.  That’s cool.  I like those things just as much as the next guy (or girl).  After all, everyone knows that Amazon is huge.  You probably buy more on Amazon this year than last year.  But even more importantly, your family and friends are too.  It’s not just geeks that buy from Amazon.  EVERYONE does.

I don’t want to dwell on this.  Everyone else does.  But you should know the numbers…

Amazon sold $75 billion worth of products last year (2013).  They expect to do $100 billion this year (or early next year) and they “only” did $48 billion in 2011.  What do you think of that growth?  Is that something you want to get in front of?  Of course.

But here’s why I started a new Amazon business

It’s because of what I’ve experienced with Google.  I’ve done SEO since 2003.  Ranking on Google was not hard back then.  Being profitable on Google AdWords was not hard, either.  But it was (and still is) extremely profitable.

Why?  Because searchers have INTENT.  They WANT SOMETHING.  Face it, there is no better customer than a hungry one.

But Google has changed.  Sure, it’s harder to manipulate Google.  But that’s not what I mean.  What I really mean is that searchers have changed.  Google searches are still growing.  But it’s my personal opinion that searchers are going elsewhere depending on what they want.

  • Want breaking news?  Search on Twitter.
  • Want pictures?  Search Pinterest.
  • Want videos?  Search YouTube
  • Want information?  Search Google
  • Want to BUY something?  That’s right, search AMAZON!

More importantly, if you want to SELL something?  Start getting found on Amazon.

Are you with me?  Get it?  Personally, I think this trend is just getting started.

I think it is the future of the Internet.

Put another way, I watch my wife.  She searches on VRBO.  She searches Pinterest.  She searches Amazon.  We all do it.  Google is not the place for everything any more.  We’ve gone past that.  We start where we know we’ll get what we want.

I’ve seen where the train is going and I’m putting myself in front of it.  I’m building a business which has exclusive rights to our own private label products.  We choose product lines that already sell well on Amazon.  Then, we’re focused on ranking them well on Amazon (and eventually elsewhere).

Do I have your attention?  See the next post to learn more.