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My New Role at Knowmad

November 5th, 2013

Charlotte Internet Marketing AgencyFor those of you that read my occasional email newsletter, you’ve probably figured out by now that I’m starting to work with Knowmad.  I’ve known the good people at Knowmad for quite a while.  In fact, I first met them years ago when I was teaching my Internet marketing classes in the Charlotte area.

Knowmad is what I consider a “boutique marketing agency” in Charlotte.  They are a small group of smart people that work hard (and intelligently) for their clients.  Over the years, I’ve felt they were one of the small agencies in Charlotte that did not get the attention they deserved.  Why?  Because I’ve always been a big fan of small agencies.  A small agency has the ability to change quickly, and keep the smartest people working on any one account.  That’s difficult, the larger an agency gets.

Corey Creed is now Director of Training at KnowmadAt any rate, my role at Knowmad is “Director of Training”, which is something I’m very comfortable with.  I’ve been involved for a couple months now and have enjoyed reviewing some of their accounts and helping them with various other important tasks.

In fact, I’m going to personally make it my goal to get them more attention both for clients and for hiring smart people in Charlotte.  (They don’t need my help with this, as they are doing just fine.  But I’ll try to do it anyway.  I’ve got a big mouth, I can’t help it.)

Of course, this is a part-time contract position because I have my own business and a few other key clients.  But I really enjoy being associated with and working with an agency.  It’s a blast working with others and helping multiple businesses at once.

Internet marketing is a jungle.  It’s fun not only owning the map, but being a tour guide as well.