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Is Microsoft Ready to Surge Again?

September 5th, 2013

Microsoft-touchWhen Microsoft bought Nokia earlier this week, they made a bold move.  Sure, it’s a copycat move, based on the fact that Apple already makes iPhones and Google owns Motorola.  But it was still bold, big, and important.

It’s also a bold move to remove Steve Ballmer as CEO.  Personally, I think that was long overdue and I think you’ll see it happen relatively fast.  They’re done with him.  It’s time to get a more visionary person that will drive Microsoft into the future instead of holding on to it’s past.

But let’s go back to the Nokia purchase.  Mobile is the future of personal computing.  Businesses will still use laptops and desktops (yes, along with tablets, I know).  But people will use mobile phones and perhaps tablets so much over the next few years that few will even have a computer (as in a laptop or desktop) in their home.


Obviously, Microsoft is late to this game.  Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android are winning.  But is it too late for Microsoft?

I say no.  Being first is not always best.

Take Google as an example.  Android came after iPhone.  Gmail came after Hotmail.  Chrome came after FireFox (and IE).  Google (the search engine) came after Altavista (and others).  Google AdWords came long after Yahoo was using Overture.  Yet Google is winning most all of these wars.  (It kinda makes you think twice about writing off Google+, right?)

Part of the reasons for all these successes is money.  Google has lots.

Guess what?  So does Microsoft.

Money can trump being first.

So what should Microsoft do with their money?  They have a great mobile operating system.  They have a very good quality phone.  But they don’t have a good app store and app selection.  Can that be fixed?  With money it can.

Jason Calacanis makes this point in the video below.  He makes some compelling arguments as he offers his advice to the next Microsoft CEO.

Personally, I think that Microsoft may be poised to make a pretty big run.  Perhaps their best years are just ahead.  They may be about to surge and take over the mobile industry.

It’s hard to imagine.  But it’s entirely possible.