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Goal Tracking for Blogging on Another Domain

August 29th, 2013

blogOne question I have always gotten from students, clients, and colleagues is this:

Should I put my blog on the same domain as my primary site?

The answer is always the same:  It depends.  Personally, I’ve preferred to keep this blog as well as my primary blog for my e-commerce business on separate domains from the actual site where the transaction or goal happens.  But that’s not always the best answer.

The answer for your site will depend on how you want to brand it and how you think you’ll build links for those sites.

But for those of you that have a blog on another domain (like I do), we got some good news from Google this week.  They announced that they will now support cross-account conversion tracking and search funnel reporting.  What’s that mean?

It means you can now have a blog on one domain, another mini-information site on another domain, and your primary money-maker (or lead-generator) on a third domain.  Yet, if a visitor buys (or becomes a lead), you can track which sites they initially came from and how.


Nice move, Google Analytics.  Thanks!

Interestingly, they also have promised that they will soon have a way to track if someone does a search for your product in the morning at home, but then does a more specific search when they get to the office later that day.  How do you think they will pull that one off?

My guess is that this is part of why they want everyone logged in to Google.  It’s also why Google Plus is such an important initiative to Google.  Even if users don’t spend much time interacting in Google Plus, it’s still very important to have as many as possible logged in to Google services as they search.  Right?