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BlendConf Charlotte 2013 – Details & Coupon

August 20th, 2013

BlendConf Charlotte 2013On September 5-7, Charlotte is hosting the first BlendConf conference.  I just heard about it now from my friends at Knowmad.  (Knowmad is a small, but impressive Internet marketing agency in Charlotte.  More about them later.)

BlendConf is a conference for those interested in user experience, interface design, and development.  It promises to have 50 great speakers and 350 attendees.  It is three days long and looks impressive.

What’s probably most interesting about BlendConf Charlotte is the unique style of the conference.  On their website, they explain that there will be speakers, talks, and workshops.  But more interesting is that they have a “No Devices” policy.  Apparently, they will not allow laptops, tablets, or phones into th
e conference sessions.  Yet, they are giving away a “nice, custom BlendConf notebook along with something fancy to write with”.

So what do you think?  Sound interesting?

Personally, I don’t work much with design.  That’s one of the reason a conference like this may just be interesting to me.  It’s outside my normal expertise of Internet marketing.  But design is becoming more and more important.  And hey!  It may just be a great way to find good designers.  (Good writers and good designers are in HIGH DEMAND these days.)

The price, you ask?  Tickets range from $149 to $449 depending on what parts you want to attend.

However, go get the coupon for BlendConf from Knowmad here.  It’ll get you in cheaper.

PS:  Check out Knowmad, too.  I may have some more info about them soon.