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August 8th, 2013

So it’s been about one week since I left Ephricon.  Wow!  Have I been busy.

I’m not the type to sit around waiting for something to happy.  I get right to work doing what I do.  And I am loving it.  As soon as I finished the video in the last post, I went to my big huge white board and started scripting out what my plan was.  Below are my top priorities.

1. First and foremost, I put in big red letters right in the center of the board the words “Blog Every Day”.  It’s one of my top priorities.  I think I’m a pretty good writer. But I want to be better.  It’s critical to good marketing.  I think good writing is critical to being a good marketer.  The best and only way to get better at any media is to do more of it.  It’s true for doing good video, good audio, and especially good writing.  I want to do more of all of that.  In fact, I’m determined to.

2. Next, I’m spending considerable time building my e-commerce sites.  In particular, I’m adding products and working on the marketing for my newest site, Waste Receptacle Solutions.  This site has done very well for us this year.  But it’s mostly because people are going straight to the product pages.  That’s ok by me.  Sales are sales.  Money is money.  So I’m adding more products (such as Witt Industries waste receptacles) to get more.  But I’m also going to soon start working on the category pages for stuff like outdoor waste receptacles and commercial waste receptacles. If you check those links, you’ll see that’s early yet.  I’m making great progress but I’ve got a lot to do.

3.  Then, there’s the client work.  I’ve gotten back with a couple of my favorite clients and am loving it.  I’ve also gotten back with a few old friends, such as Brandon Uttley.  I’ll be able to talk more about that later.

4. Lastly, I’m in conversations with a local agency.  It would be part-time, but it’s a group I’ve always wanted to work with more.  It’s not nailed down yet, so I can’t say much.  But I’m hopeful.

I miss my old pals at Ephricon, but I’m glad to have stayed in touch with some of them this past week.  But I sure have been busy working.

PS:  If you ever have any questions about trash receptacles or waste cans of any sort, let me know.  I’m about to go crazy doing imports, exports, and staring at spreadsheets getting all these units and products loaded into my site.  🙂