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How to Advertise on Video Online

May 24th, 2007

Yesterday, I spent the morning with Rob Young over at The Goss Agency.  Rob is a very talented individual and we always have interesting discussions.  I enjoy working with people that want to do what’s best for the client.  Rob is that kind of guy.

(I also know he reads my blog, so I like him for that, too!)

At any rate, we got to talking about how to advertise within online videos.  Of course, online media buying is not my strong suit.  I’ve found that buying advertising online is a lot more like buying offline media than most other forms of internet marketing (such as search engines).

Yet, I try to keep up on what’s happening.

As with anything else online these days, Google is looking to rule the world online.  In fact, lately it seems as if they aren’t just satisfied with ruling the online world.  They are looking to rule advertising on radio and elsewhere.

Let’s get back to Video.  Yesterday, Google explained that they will start selling video ads within Google AdSense.  It’s not open to everyone, but that is the direction they are taking.

So how do you advertise on Video Online?  Stay tuned.  It looks as if Google is starting to enter that arena.  They will probably be a major player soon.

Interestingly, I also had a nice conversation via email yesterday afternoon with Scotty Campbell, who works in account management with Clear Channel in Charlotte.  We ended up talking about Google’s partnering with Clear Channel.  There’s tremendous potential there that remains to be seen as well.