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How to Make Money Blogging

September 4th, 2012

I got an awesome question from a colleague today.  He asked

“Can someone start a new blog today and have ??K subscribers in 6 months with a monetized system? IF yes, how would you teach others to do it, too?”

Here’s my answer…

Your questions below are not easy. But I definitely have some thoughts.

There’s no doubt that it’s POSSIBLE to start blogging and gain subscribers and monetize in 6 months. But a lot of factors come in to play, such as…

    1. How much time can you devote to research, writing, and connecting?
    2. How much money can you invest to attract targeted attention via advertising?
    3. How good of a writer are you? How “likeable” are you to your target audience?
    4. What partners do you know that already reach your target audience?
    5. How much of an audience do you already have?
    6. What is your topic? How “monetizable” is it?
    7. How much expertise do you have in the topic?


NOTE: How much money and how many followers you get will depend on the answers to those questions, and perhaps a few others. (By the way, I put those in order of importance, in my opinion.)

How do you teach others to do it?
That’s easy. It’s a process.

    1. Research, Write, Connect, Repeat
    2. Create content that requires visitors to provide their email address.
    3. Build partnerships with others that have your same target audience.
    4. When appropriate, start monetizing (some ideas are listed below in order)
      • Google AdSense
      • Get your own Advertisers
      • Be an Affiliate
      • Sell your own stuff
      • Hourly Consulting
      • Monthly Clients
      • Do events
      • Mastermind Groups