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Who gets PPC Money? Your Charity?

October 23rd, 2006

When you create a Pay Per Click ad and someone clicks on it, you pay.  But who gets the money?

Generally speaking, the search engine does.  In fact, Yahoo and Google make a tremendous amount of money on a regular basis.  For what?  As much as we do appreciate search engines, wouldn’t it be nice if some of that money could go to something more worthwhile?  Such as your school or favorite charity?

Given the above, I found an interesting article in Entrepreneur last night.  It talks about a new website called GoodSearch. 

Here’s how it works…

Instead of doing a search on Yahoo, you do a search on GoodSearch.  They show you the same Yahoo results.  If you click on a PPC link (which costs you nothing), Yahoo does not get ALL the money.  A portion of it goes to a charity you choose instead.

Nice idea.

The article says that they are registering 100 new nonprofits each day.  Do a search on Red Cross, Asheville High School, or Watchtower.  You can find most any charity or school.

If you do a lot of searching, especially on Yahoo, think of what this means.  Advertisers will pay.  Why not send at least some of that money over to a favorite charity instead.

I think I’ll replace my Yahoo toolbar with theirs.