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Instagram Followers – Do you need more?

August 4th, 2012

Need Instagram followers?  Why?

I just finished reading a nice blog post on “How to Get More Instagram Followers“.  It details 7 practical steps for how to ethically get more followers.  Interestingly, when you start looking around online, you’ll find websites that you can buy Instagram followers on.  (Seems like a less ethical method to me.)

But why?  What’s the big deal with more followers on Instagram?

To be honest, I’m not a big Instagram user.  One reason is because I’m a happy Android phone user and have been for a while.  So we were sort of left out until Instagram only recently became available on Android phones.  The other reason is that I just haven’t bothered.  I like using and learning all forms of social media, but mostly to understand how to use it  best for marketing.

That being said, if you are trying to promote your business or brand via Instagram, the more followers the better.  As the article mentioned above noted, some brands such as Ben and Jerry’s are doing a great job of gaining attention and brand exposure via Instagram.

Then again, with so many options for marketing online, Instagram probably should not be your primary method for marketing.  It’s a side thought for most businesses at best.  But for those that are trying to build brand awareness, and recapture awareness, go for it.  For the rest of you, there’s probably other things that would bring better results than spending much of your time on Instagram (or Pinterest, etc).

As I tell all my students and colleagues…

Don’t ask: “Should I do this?”
Ask:  “Should I do this first?”