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Who are you? What the web says…

May 16th, 2007

Online reputation management is something that every business owner should probably be more aware of.  When is the last time you typed your business name into Google? 

You may check to see how well your site ranks.  But what about the other sites that come up before or after you?  When they are clicked on, what do they say?

Now try your primary keyword phrases.  Type in Asheville Dentist or Charlotte SEO or Hendersonville Restaurant.  (Those are some of my current clients.)  But if you type your phrase into Google, does your site come up?  If it doesn’t, who does?  Are there directories listed there that you could be listed on?

More importantly, do those directories have negative comments about your business?  Should you ask some of your clients and colleagues to put some positive comments in?

We’ve been doing this more and more for clients lately and it seems like a good idea.  It also seems to be working.

But what about you PERSONALLY?  Have you tried typing your name into Google?  Try doing it with quotation marks around it.  What comes up?

You may also want to try some of the search aggregators such as PIPL.  These types of sites can pull together several of the comments around the web about you.

Give it a try.