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“It’s Worth Testing” – How?

May 26th, 2012

As a marketer, one of my favorite expressions is “It’s Worth Testing”.  I sincerely believe that it is the one answer to every good marketing question. Granted, there are lots of “bad” marketing questions, such as “Should I spend most my time in MySpace promoting my products?”

However, there are lots of good marketing questions out there, such as “Is Pinterest a good option for my business” or “Is Google AdWords worth it?”

But some are confusing the concepts of “testing” with “studies”.

For example, you can perform a study of 10,000 websites to determine if sites that have active Facebook Pages rank better or worse than sites that do not have active Facebook pages.  But that’s not a test.  It’s a study.

To perform a test on the same subject would be difficult, but somewhat possible.  You would need to have two very similar sites.  For one, you would build an active Facebook Page.  For the other, you would not.  Then, you would determine if one ranked better than the other in search engines.  Granted, it would be difficult to keep two sites exactly the same.  But if you were able to do this with multiple sites across many industries and keywords, yet consistently notice a trend, I think the test would be valid.
Performing a STUDY may determine some sort of CORRELATION between circumstances.

Performing a TEST should determine if one factor CAUSES a certain results.

The difference between correlation and causation has been a hot topic lately.  It’s one I’ve been having a fascinating discussion about on Google Plus here.  Check it out and feel free to leave your comment.