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The Kindle Fire and Other Tables – Taking Over!

February 24th, 2012

I spent the last few weeks in Florida.  Much of that time was with my wife’s sister and her family as my new niece was born.  (Did I tell you she’s adorable?  She is!)

At any rate, when we got there my sister-in-law had bought my wife and I a Kindle Fire as a gift for coming to help the family.  (Very generous of her, don’t you think?)  Being the kind husband I am (if I do say so mself), I let my wife put her Amazon account on it.  But then I took it from her and played with it every day for a week or two.

(That’s what I do with new gadgets.  When I got my first iPad, I took two days off to use it.  I actually got a headache from using it for 6-8 hours straight for those first two days.  I’m a geek, I know.)

So this is my first 7″ tablet.  I’ve owned a smartphone since before they called them that.  I’ve also owned an iPad since the first generation.  But this thing is different.  I knew it would be and mentioned it in my predictions for 2012.

What does this mean for marketers?

If you get any significant traffic, you should check your analytics to see how much of it is coming from these types of devices.  After all, reports say that about 20% of Americans already own a tablet or e-reader.

But perhaps even more importantly, we need to think about the content we produce.  Can it be turned into an online series of videos or online books?

Because that is what these are best at.

The $199 Kindle Fire is a great price.  Google may be making one soon that would be even cheaper.  They will get cheaper and thinner.  So soon most everyone that is tech-savvy will have one by their bed or with them when they travel.  Look around the airport next time you fly.  It’s happening already.

However, they are not typically going to surf the web on it.   A larger tablet is better suited for that.  Instead, they are going to watch videos, catch up on blogs, and read books on them.  Are you ready?  Are you getting ready?  Are you producing content?  Are you re-purposing your content in these other various formats?

That’s the key to surviving the upcoming 7″ tablet growth that is inevitable in the next 2-3 years.