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Jason and Molly Dockery – Wedding Pics

May 10th, 2007

Jason and Molly Dockery WeddingCongratulations to Jason and Molly Dockery this past weekend.  As most of you know, Jason has been working with me here at Hippo Internet Marketing for about three years now.  Jason got engaged on February 22.  He got married this past weekend on May 5, 2007.

When I mentioned their engagement a couple months ago, more than one of my clients were disappointed that I did not post pictures.  So this time I’m not making that mistake again!

The wedding was at a beautiful country home in Swannanoa, North Carolina.  In fact, it was at Jason’s uncle’s house.  The wedding was simple, yet very beautiful.  It had rained the day or two before, and even a little bit that morning.  Yet, at the time of the wedding, the weather was fine and the ground was not wet.

As you can see, Jason and Molly looked perfect.  (They always do!)  The lovely coouple are still on their honeymoon which means I’m stuck back here at Hippo Inc doing his work.  But I don’t mind (much).

Below are a bunch more pictures and even video of the bride coming in.

Let’s start with a little imbedded Google Video to show the bride walking in…
(Pardon the ending, I could not figure out how to shut the dumb camera off.)


And here are some more pictures of the wedding location…
(Notice the first picture has a reference to the outhouse in the back left corner.  (cute)

Molly Dockery Wedding  Jason and Molly Dockery Wedding  Jason Dockery wedding location  Jason Dockery Wedding Scott Dockery giving wedding talk

Here’s Jason with his dad…

Doug Dockery and Jason Dockery

Here’s Molly’s sisters, Hannah Barry and Greta Lane…

Hannah Barry and Greta Lane

Here’s Molly’s sister and father…

Here’s some other friends…

Chris and Katrina Smith  Bob Watkins and Brenda Watkins  Casey Watkins and Sarah Watkins 

Here are the adorable wedding favors…

Molly Dockery Wedding Favors

So hopefully this time, you can’t acuse me of not having enough pictures.

The wedding was wonderful and we are all happy for the new couple.

Hopefully Jason can now get to work!  (haha)

Feel free to leave any comments for the couple below.  He should be back to work this Tuesday.