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Change the way you look at Google!

October 19th, 2006


<–  Look at all the blank space around Google!

They do this on purpose, of course.  In fact, it is part of what made Google so popular early on.  They did one thing.  Search!

It made Google look like they were specialists at search.  Of course, to quite an extent, it is true.  Many still believe they are the best search engine and may be for some times.

Time to put the blank space to work for you!

If you have not done so already, you need to start using all that space to your advantage.  How?  I’ll tell you below.  But first…

Why you should use Google Personalized

  1. You can get cool things like weather and a calendar on your home page.
  2. Blogging is HOT!  There must be blogs out there that you would like to keep up on.  This is the easiest way how.
  3. You need the updates to this site.

How to get started
(Don’t worry, it’s easy.)

1.  Open Google.com and click on the button in the top right corner labeled “Personalized Home”.  See below.

Now you should see a screen such as the below.

2.  Now review the different sections.  Close the ones you don’t want and customize (or edit) the ones you want to keep.


3.  Once you have removed the content you no longer want, it’s time to get more content.  Click “Add More to this Page” in the top left corner.

You will see a list of all sorts of things you can add.

4.  We recommend that you eventually choose “Add by URL”.

5.  You can now enter any RSS fee you know of. 

To add this blog, enter:


Your Google Homepage is now customized!

You may want to use this new page as your home page.