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Why Advertise on Google Now?

January 23rd, 2012

My Top Ten List

Here’s some important reasons why you should start thinking about advertising on Google now.

1. Search advertising brings measurable results.  Period.

2. Search advertising reaches people when they are looking for you.

3. Display advertising with Google gets your message and brand out to your target audience at a very good price.

4. The geographic targeting in Google keeps your costs down.

5. The new retargeting features in Google AdWords allows you to continue to reach anyone that has shown an interest in your business, long after they have left your site.

6. If you do it right, it’s typically very, very cheap.

7. If you do it right, it provides priceless data for other marketing, such as SEO.

8. Your competitors are probably not doing it right.

9. Google AdWords is powerful, yet fairly easy to learn.

10. There is a tremendous amount of work (and jobs) available to those that know and do Google AdWords.

The above points are real and I believe each and every one of them.


1. Most individuals and businesses may tell you otherwise, but it’s only because they have not learned it well.

2. Most marketers will not tell you how awesome Google AdWords is because they don’t want you competing with them.

Do you agree?

If you do Google AdWords and are happy with your results, please post a comment below so that it does not look like I’m just doing cheesy advertising for my upcoming class!

If you want to learn AdWords, we teach a class only a few times per year.

1. Here’s one that starts this Thursday.

2. Here’s the full description.

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  • Good points, Corey! I’d also like to add that AdWords is an inexpensive way to test marketing ideas & gather research. Easily test multiple versions of a landing page. Know the search volume for your best keywords from mobile devices. Find your best keywords to optimize for organic search.

    Another benefit is that AdWords advertisers can see the keywords that searchers use while logged in. That data is no longer being shared via Analytics.

    • True.  Good point about getting more data.  Google certainly rewards those that advertise by giving them more and better data.  It’s disappointing that Analytics is limiting the data we can see, also. Advertising and only spending just a tiny bit of money certainly gives an advantage.

  • Corey, Google AdWords is definitely one of the best online advertising opportunities available. However, people can easily waste a lot of money if they don’t know what they are doing. So training and working with professional consultants both help tremendously.

  • I agree that it definitely gets results. Regarding “paid” search, SEO also has opportunity costs (and usually real costs), so there’s no such thing as free traffic in SEM. And of course PPC offers the ability to “be there” within minutes of setting up a campaign.

    I can also testify that there are many advertisers out there who aren’t fully optimizing their campaigns (and that there’s work out there for those who can, if that’s what you’re looking for). I’ve worked on campaigns for a mold removal company that was buying traffic for people looking for cake molds, HVAC companies that were buying traffic for people looking for heating pads and leg warmers, and much more (and sometimes much more weird).

    I think people can greatly benefit from a better understanding of how match types work and the constraints Google offers to better target their traffic. Also, learning to write great ads is hugely important given their effect on click-through rate (and ultimately cost per click) and conversion, and let’s face it, there’s some pretty … not-so-great ads out there. 🙂

    • So true, Chris.  Thanks for weighing in.  Once you know how AdWords works, it’s amazing to see how poorly most are doing it.  Have you been doing any of the display advertising or remarketing?  We’re digging in now, for sure.

      • Hey, Corey. Honestly, most of my campaigns don’t utilize the content network, so I don’t have any experience with it. I kind of like the idea of it, though. I saw an ad for your class today, actually. lol I liked how it was interactive and had the tabs … cool stuff.

      • Ajay pandya

         I do adwords for my clients . I am looking out for some more clients or job work . I have my client center account with google and I am certifed . Let me know if any one is looking for these services .

  • Timely topic, Corey! Our Feb. article in Greater Charlotte Biz magazine is about this topic. Pay-per-click data provides insightful & dependable information for our marketing clients.  

    Some say that PPC is dying or dead, I couldn’t disagree more! Typically, I hear this from business owners that have been burned by poor PPC management. Learning to manage it well and knowing how to extract its value is key.