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Twitter – Why bother?

December 9th, 2010

Today, Pew Research released some new stats about Twitter that might really make you think about how much time you spend there.  Their report says that only 8% of online Americans use Twitter.

When you do the math, 8% of online Americans translates into 6% of all Americans.  Then, only about 36% of Twitter users use the service with any regularity.  That gets us down to about 2% of all Americans.

Of course, 2% of all Americans is about 5 million Americans.

Here’s something to think about… 

  • If Twitter is only really being used by 2% of all Americans, how much effort should we put into it?
  • Then again, if there is an easy way to reach out to, and/or search the conversations of even just 2%…  Well…  That’s actually pretty cool, right?

Either way, it’s always good to separate the hype from the facts.  Keep that 2% number in mind as you plan your next marketing mix of time and money.

  • Thanks for doing that math for us Corey. I was having similar thoughts when I heard that news today.

  • St. Louis SEO

    If only 2% are actively using twitter, and you've got a local service business, I'd be willing to say that twitter is not the best option. However along that same thread, businesses like restaurants and cafes can really build a strong following with twitter, even with the small amount of overall customers they can reach.

    • Corey Creed

      True. Then again, “the best option” is not always what we look for, right? Twitter may very well be “good enough” to bother with, even if the audience is smaller than we expect. These are the hard decisions all marketers are faced with every day.

  • My take is that you should dabble in as much social media as you can in order to engage your audience, so that you have a good mix of social media activity going, regardless of the size of the audience, over time it will be effective.