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We’re Hiring – I Need a Video Guy

December 2nd, 2010

Here at HIPPO Internet Marketing Training, I’m desperately seeking some help to get setup for creating video.

I’ve got some big initiatives that will involve online video.  I want it to look good.  We want to do it on a reasonably low budget, yet move far beyond using a web-cam, iPhone, or flip camera.

Please, please, please…  If you know of anyone that can help us as listed below, please send them to this page.  I’m desperate and want to move quickly.  HONESTLY!


We’re in the process of securing a small studio and need help setting it up. 

1.  Most importantly, we need help with purchasing and setting up professional quality lighting.  This small studio will need to be permanently setup for use with either a white-board or a green-screen at any time.

2.  We also have several other rooms (see this link) at our disposal and will eventually want help learning how to best set them up for quality lighting, video & audio recording, and even live streaming.

3.  We may need assistance with microphone and camera selection for the above mentioned settings, while staying within budget.

4.  We need some basic support with using Sony Vegas software for video editing.

5.  NOTE:  We are only looking for a freelancer to give an hour or two here and there initially.  This is not a full-time or even part-time position.


1.  No need to send a resume.  Please simply send me an email (Corey at HippoIM dot com).

2.  Include your experience and interest level.  You must have experience working with lighting, audio, and video to be considered.

3.  Explain your general pricing.  In other words, if you have specific rates, let me know.  If you prefer doing some sort of exchange of services, or some other method, just tell me.  I’m sure we can work something out.


No problem.  But please forward this page, tweet it, facebook it, or do whatever you can to spread the word.  We want to get started QUICK.  We need someone that knows what they are doing.

Thank you in advance.

Corey Creed
HIPPO Internet Marketing Training

  • coreycreed

    Oh yea, one other thing I forgot to mention. YOU MUST LIVE IN THE CHARLOTTE AREA. Anyone in the Lake Norman or North Charlotte area would be even better.

  • Do you know Frank at LEC Media? He comes highly recommended. I'll send him your link http://www.lecmedia.com/

    • coreycreed

      Thanks! Please send him a link to this page. If he's interested, I'd love to have him email me.

  • Matt Nunn

    Hello! I do free-lance video production. I'd like to connect with you. Here's a link to my vimeo page. There about 13 different videos to watch.


    -Matt Nunn
    (704) 345-8739

  • Bobdemers

    Cory, give Sean Kelly a call…he's able and well connected

    Sean Kelly., Campus Coordinator

    Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Charlotte Campus

    704-450-5013 cell

    704-529-8146 office


  • Bhartis

    Mr. Creed, I was sent this link. I have sent you my resume. Is this a full time position or job by job?

    Brent Hartis

    • coreycreed

      See point 5 above. It's not so much a position as it is periodic consulting.

  • Fiona Dudley

    Hi Corey,
    While I don't know of anyone in the Charlotte Lake Norman area, you could try contacting local TV stations and try to connect with a cameraman – I'm pretty sure they will happily do what you need on a freelance basis (they do here in Asheville, anyway.)
    Best of luck Corey!

  • UPfu – Hippos

    Hi Corey,

    I see in your Blog you have a question to audio-video production?

    Please, look here: http://www.hoerlehrbuch.de under multimedia training file. There productions PEGI are in mp4-and DivX format.

    We have experience with small budgets and very good employees. Do you have interest in a cooperation? Then send me please a mail in: uwe.pfuetze@lehr-hoerbuch.eu

    Nice greetings
    Uwe Pfütze