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Why do Google, Apple & Microsoft Race to be the SAME?

August 26th, 2010

Remember the good ole days?

  • Microsoft made software
  • Google was a search engine
  • Apple made computers

At one time, these 3 were barely competitors (especially Google).  But those days are over now.  All three seem to be wanting to do everything possible, especially if the other two are involved in it already.

Why do they race to be the same?

I’m sure you have your opinion.  So please leave a comment below. 

But first, check out the chart below for proof. 
(It’s just a matter of time before those blank boxes get filled in.)


  • Could it be that the CEO’s just can’t resist the fight?  (That’s my first guess.) 
  • Is there money in each of these that the companies can’t resist? 
  • Is there some other reason?

I welcome your opinions.  Please leave a comment below.

  • coreycreed

    By the way, if anything is missing from the chart I made above, please let me know. I'll try to keep it updated.

    • I think that two things might be missing, the app store and virtual currency/banking stuff. Google is getting into banking, right, what with their aquisitions of the virtual currency company and the one started by PayPal's founder? I don't know if MS and Apple are doing that but think not. Apple has an e-commerce site to die for. MS doesn't. Google is trying to develop something similar but different…

      • coreycreed

        True. All are working on App stores for sure. As for currency, Microsoft has a currency for Xbox and Google has Google Checkout. Apple has some sort of arrangement within iTunes that could probably qualify. So true. I'll add it to the next iteration.

    • Anita Deboxtel

      Hi Corey,

      Interesting chart – really enjoy your junglemap!

      I’ve also heard about Google and (Zynga) Games lately

      • coreycreed

        Interesting. Yes, I could see all three of these investing in online gaming. Microsoft has Xbox. Google investing in Zynga.