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Google – Something to think about

March 11th, 2010

I’m a big fan of Google.  But here’s a little three minute video that might make you wonder if they are starting to go too far.

What do you think?  Are they starting to go too far?

  • Yes, I think they have gone too far. However, should we punish someone for being so good at what they do? Aren’t we a free market economy?
    I’m reading an excellent point about this topic, Googled. It talks a lot about the history of the company, where they came from, and the reasons why they act like they do. My take on it is that they think like engineers. So they ask the questions that start with “can” other than “should”.

  • Karen

    Have you heard about the Google Asheville initiative? There is a huge group trying to get Google to choose AVL for their fiber optic trial. Just one of many sites focusing on this initiative: http://googleavl.com/. I’m kind of on the fence but I agree that Google has gone too far. They’re also big brother allowing the government access to all records.

  • I like Google and many of their products. For sure. However, I do think they have their fingers in too many things. At this point, they should probably be multiple companies, not just one. Danny Sullivan predicted this years ago and I think it’s inevitable. See http://searchengineland.com/deconstructing-google-chapter-4-after-the-google-antitrust-breakup-13026

  • As for the video (notice the little search in Australia in the opening screen – they’ve got a slightly different take on things there)… I see absolutely nothing that some other company or government agency isn’t already doing – or OUGHT to be doing, but aren’t.

    There is a “big” difference between “owning” information/controlling access to it, and providing a “service”. What is so wrong with Google building a fiber optic network when their plan includes making it an ‘open access’ network where Charter, Verizon, Bell South AT&T, whoever, can also use the same pipeline to provide the high-speed service to their customers?

    Yes, Google has an awful lot of different products – and I am sure that from a sensible business standpoint they will have to subsidiarize more. But again – Google as a business is doing exactly what any other smart business would do – diversify!!!

    As for data storage and the trend towards ‘cloud computing’ , we’ll see. I do not use remote data storage to any important degree. You’re going to tell me there’s data out there on me that I don’t know about – true, I’m sure. But there’s nothing potentially damaging to me personally because “I don’t say or do or upload anything online I wouldn’t want to be public knowledge” and it’s as simple as that.

    Re electronic medical records – well, that’s problematic until cyber-security is truly leak-proof… which might never be a reality. Oh and, by the way, just do a quick search and you’ll find “lots” of companies already offering this service, including ones where doctors participate.

    Re the Google library, I believe anybody should be able to provide easily-accessible versions of out-of-print and out-of-copyright books and media. If there’s a problem, it’s with our 18th century way of handling Copyrights, not Google. In addition, it ought to be a LOT easier to distribute copyrighted materials AND make sure that the author/producer gets a benefit from it.

    Google does not “allow” our government to access “all” records. If you’ve got a problem with what the gummint does, tell the gummint, dangit.

    I could rant some more, but I hope I’ll convince a few people that it’s more productive to look for solutions than problems, and the best way to get an elephant out of the room might not be to bulldoze your house.