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Important Goals for 2014

January 2nd, 2014

I often set goals for myself and my business all throughout the year. But it’s always good to write them down when a new year starts. If nothing else, it helps you to remember to look at them at the end of the next year.

Special thanks to Richard Lazazzera for writing a similar list of his preparations for 2014. It motivated me to write mine down.


As always, I have personal goals that are more important than my business or financial goals. They are top priority and always will be.

My primary business goal for 2014 is simple… Grow my e-commerce business while simultaneously working for a few clients and a few agencies. The agency and client work helps financially. But more importantly, it keeps me in the industry of Internet marketing and learning.


My business, my clients, and the agencies I work with are more efficient when they are not waiting on me to get specific work done. I’m surrounded by hard working and smart people. If I train and delegate well, everyone stays more efficient and effective.


I set a goal for myself earlier in the year to blog every day. It’s hard to do so. But I still want to and need to. I need to blog on all my sites and the sites of the agencies I work with.

Part of my plan for doing this is to create a series of blog posts on Link Building for SEO and a series on how to build and operate an e-commerce business. Stay tuned.


I’m giving up on most social networks. They aren’t worth the time. But I am going to invest in Google Plus. The conversations there are great and I feel confident that it in the best interests of my business for many reasons.

Thanks to Mark Traphagen for this one. His work and understanding of the power of Google Plus has been extremely motivating to me. I want to be like Mark when I grow up. :)


The other social network I will invest a little time in is Twitter. But I will only focus on three specific groups of individuals: E-commerce professionals, Search marketers, and Charlotte Marketers.

This is something I wanted to start last month but did not get far. My goal is to setup a 4th and 5th monitor to just keep Twitter on all day. I will setup specific columns soon. Twitter is a great way to stay in touch and build a network. I’ll have to make sure it does not become a distraction. We’ll see.


This is something I have not been faithful at. I really need to monitor our expenses more carefully. But I do not want this to be too much of a distraction. Quarterly should be just fine, now that I’m being more careful to work within a budget.

  • RLazazzera

    Great post Corey!

    Google+ is a network I want to put more time and attention on myself.