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I Need Your Help with Twitter, Charlotte!

November 14th, 2013

Twitter_IPOIn just two months, it will be the five-year anniversary of the Charlotte SEO Meetup about Twitter.  I remember moderating that event with Roy Morejon, Lisa Hoffman, Jason Keath, and Lyell Petersen.  They seemed to be the most active Tweeters in Charlotte at the time.  It’s hard to believe that Twitter is now public and has been at the center of this huge thing that the entire world uses now called Social Media.

Like most of you, I’ve had my highs and lows with regard to social media, especially Twitter.  I’ve loved it and hated it.  I’ve started and stopped many times.  Most recently, I have barely used Twitter over the past year.  But I’m ready to jump back in with both feet!  I’m going to give it another shot, especially as I’ve felt awfully disconnected with the marketing community in Charlotte.

This may seem strange coming from someone who was the “Director of Training” for Social Fresh for two years.  I also wrote two posts on the Top 100 and Top 300 Twitter Users in Charlotte.  But that was 2008 and 2009.  I’ve been gone for a while.

So I have some questions…

For those of you that have stayed active on Twitter the past year or two, here’s some questions…

  1. What do you use most for Twitter?  Hootsuite?  Twitter.com?  What mobile app?
  2. What local Charlotte marketers are worth following and communicating with?
  3. What local Charlotte organizations are worth following and communicating with?
  4. What local Charlotte businesses are worth following and communicating with?

I have my short list of answers for each of these, but I’d love more input from you, seeing I’ve been a little disconnected lately.  Drop a comment below and/or TWEET ME.

I’m back, baby!

(Help me out a little, will ya?)

  • Oh, I’m also looking to make a Charlotte SEO list as well. If anyone knows who should be on that list, I would appreciate any input.

  • Logan Stewart

    1. Hootsuite for work; Tweetdeck for personal. Mobile: Tweetcaster
    2. Charlotte marketers
    If I leave anyone out, sorry….there are a ton of great ones. Heck, I will probably leave multiple comments. Charlotte marketers:
    @billvoth @wardgibson (sports)
    @CLTdining @alejandrotorio (Charlotte restaurants)
    @bprim (director of marketing @orthocarolina, and my boss)
    I have to admit, I don’t follow a ton of people who just spout off links. I only follow those who are interesting or funny and will engage in conversation. Thus, my list may not be as lengthy as others.
    3/4. Gotta admit I am a bit at a loss on this one. I like those that engage. I’m partial to @orthocarolina because I run that account, @discoveryplace because I once ran that account. I also like
    @theqclt even though I don’t eat barbecue

    I know there are more, but that’s a start.

  • Logan Stewart

    OH! @jmitchem deserves a category of his own. Also @deftlyinane.

  • yarby

    1. Somehow i’ve found myself using the native Twitter app more these days. Also, Tweetbot on the iPhone.
    2. Everything Logan said, plus: @Lisa_Frame, @jacisloanWVU, @ChrisHarrington, @BrettMcCoy, @Nikki704, @LisaArcher, @KJames, @CrystalDempsey, @Kriddick
    3/4. @BoxmanStudios, @SMCLT, @Abbeydale_ …….a little stuck on this one. I put out a tweet that will hopefully generate some responses, b/c now I’m curious at which are the best.

    Good to see you back in the game!