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Who do you want to hear from in Charlotte?

July 19th, 2012

A colleague of mine is talking about starting up a new networking event for the Charlotte area that targets entrepreneurs and marketers, especially those that focus on Internet businesses and marketing.

It will be different from what I’ve done and from what others are doing in Charlotte.  For example, it may have some fairly significant financial backing, which means we can pull in some fairly big names.

The idea is to keep it light and fun and not necessarily just informational.  In other words, he’s hoping it will be attract marketers and business owners, but high-end and more like a party than a typical networking event.

Attention Charlotte Marketers:  Here’s your chance!

I’d like to know who you’d like to hear from.  Who would you like to bring to Charlotte that you would enjoy hearing from?  This is our opportunity, so I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Here’s some ideas to get started…

  • Seth Godin?
  • Gary Vaynerchuk?
  • Malcolm Gladwell?
  • Jason Calacanis?
  • Chris Brogan?
  • Matt Cutts?
  • Peter Shankman?
  • Guy Kawasaki?

NOTE:  No promises on these or any others.
Obviously, some may be too expensive.  More likely, they just aren’t available.

MORE IMPORTANTLY:  I would like some help with this one.  Who can you think of?  Who would you most likely enjoy hearing from right here in Charlotte?

Please leave a comment.  Let’s talk about it.

  • That’s exciting, Corey! I’d like to hear Erika Napoletano of RedHeadWriting.com speak in Charlotte. She’s currently scheduling dates across the country for her book tour, so the timing might be right.

  • Malcolm Gladwell would be neat. Of course, Gary V would be entertaining.

  • They are all super options, but I’d have to say Seth would be my first choice, followed closely by Gary V. And hey! Where are the girls!? Here are a few offerings for your question mark: Pamela Slim (she has spoken here before!), Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter, Ali Brown, and Anita Campbell. If I think of more, I’ll let you know. Thanks!

  • Shirky or Shankman.

  • Nate Kennedy

    Hopefully over time we can bring them all here.  And definitely some female power as well Donna 🙂

  • There have been some great speakers coming into Charlotte the last few years. Although some are hitting on the same topics. I wouldn’t mind seeing someone that speaks more about about creative thinking as a marketer instead of internet marketing tactics. Sally Hogshead would be strong choice.

  • My picks would be:
    1) Seth Godin
    2) Gary Vaynerchuk
    3) Cindy Gallop

  • Lisa Barnett

    Hi Corey, Love the idea of hearing from Seth and Guy in person, but I would also like for you to consider Mari Smith and Kim Garst.
    May I also be as so bold as to post my comment on using DISQUS for your blog. It really slowed my commenting down. I was almost inclined to say “forget it”. Just saying! Thanks for hearing me. Looking forward to seeing you around Mooresville! 🙂