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Google Missed Out? Not on Mobile!

February 27th, 2012

By now, it’s pretty obvious that Google is working hard to catch Facebook on the social media front.  Even more important to them is that they can catch up with having one profile per human.  They’re catching up quickly.

But this week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, some new statistics are coming out.  In reviewing them, it’s obvious that Google is not going to miss out on the mobile front.  Their ability to take over market share has been staggering these last few years, especially when you think of Apple’s early start.

For example, this chart shows the dominance of Android…

Source: comScore (2/11) thanks to MarketingLand

Notice that Google has the largest share that anyone has had – EVER!

But it’s not just the actual phone.  The same Marketing Land post noted that Google also controls 75% of all ads served on mobile phones are delivered by Google ad servers and networks.  They also have a 97% share of all searches done on mobile phone browsers – globally according to Search Engine Land.

No matter what you think of how Google is doing with social media, it’s obvious that they did not miss the boat on mobile.  Amazing!  Google controls 47% of smartphones, 75% of mobile advertising, and 97% of searches on them.

If mobile is the future, Google is right where they want to be.


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